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  • Tips for Tenants - Don't let your deposit get away!

    28th July 2017

    When renting a home, most tenants pay a security deposit against damage, cleaning, or rent arrears. You can lose this deposit if you do not keep to the terms of the tenancy agreement. To make sure that deposits are handled fairly and tenants' money remains safe, deposits must now be protected wi...

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  • Annual Holiday

    26th July 2017

    Our office will be closed on Monday 31st July until 9 a.m. on Monday 7th August for our annual holiday

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    21st July 2017

    When it comes to the mortgage market, the summer of 2017 looks likely to be all about the base rate. Whether it s all about a base rate increase however remains to be seen but just a couple of weeks ago that likelihood appeared closer than it had been for some time perhaps more of a prospe...

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  • Property Sellers Holiday Check List

    17th July 2017

    Property sellers holiday checklist A getaway with the family may be just what you need if you have been trying to sell your home lately. This shouldn't get in the way of selling your home if you remember that along with the 'tickets, money, passport' checklist, you don't forget to add your estat...

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